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Meet Alexandra

Your jewelry should tell a story about who you are and what you love. There's something special about finding the right piece that speaks to you. It's as if the jewelry is the one that's actually choosing you. Every piece holds a memory of a special occasion or the feeling you had when you first fell in love with it.

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Alexandra's love for jewelry started at age 7 when her grandfather, a fine jeweler, surprised her with a beautiful ruby bracelet. Whenever she had a break from classes at the University of Arizona, she would join her grandfather at the JCK tradeshows, learning the ins and outs of the jewelry business while also acquiring her own pieces.

She started as a personal jeweler in 2003 helping her friends and family source pieces of jewelry to celebrate special milestones or add to their collections. After years of doing personal orders, she discovered she had a knack for finding pieces of jewelry people loved that reflected their individual personalities. Seeing how difficult it is for others to find quality jewelry that's not overpriced, she realized there was an unmet need in the market.

We believe jewelry is meant to be worn, not locked up in a safe waiting for the right occasion. We create jewelry that empowers you to express your unique look and feel your best while living life. Our pieces are crafted with the finest metals and gemstones so you can wear them all day at work and in the gym, but still dress them up for a date or formal event

"Your jewelry will pick you just as much as you will pick it. It's like a love affair."

- Alexandra Harbushka

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